Bern is co-owner of Signature Fit Club and fitness and martial arts have been his life for as long as he can remember.

It was as a young child that he had his first taste of the discipline, exhilaration and satisfaction of training. His journey started with Kung Fu and continues to this day. Lesson number one: you never stop learning.

Over the past 40 years, Bern has built not only a career, but a life out of his passion. Now, he strives to instil that passion—and love of life—in others.

In his capacity as a fitness coach, Bern uses his wealth of knowledge and experience to spur people to reach heights they never thought possible. He has coached European and world champions and has boosted the confidence, skills and fitness of people who previously never dared set foot in a gym.

But for Bern, it’s about more than knowledge; the ability to communicate, understand, structure and motivate are essential ingredients in the making of a great coach. Bern has been fortunate enough to develop all of these qualities, training with masters, fighters and coaches who share one thing in common: they don’t just do a job, they live it.

This, says Bern, is the philosophy at Signature Fit Club: “The coaches are part of a team—a family that is passionate about fitness. For each and every one of them, helping people reach their goals and get the most out of life, is not a job, it is a privilege.”


Lewis has many strings to his bow. In addition to being a qualified Level 3 personal trainer,

he is a former professional kickboxer who achieved a gold medal in the world championships in Thailand 2008, and he is currently studying for a degree in sports nutrition

Probably one of the nicest guys you’ll ever meet, Lewis has always got a smile on his face…but don’t be fooled: he served five years in the British Army and won’t take any prisoners in his sessions! You might walk into a session with Lewis feeling unmotivated and lethargic but you certainly won’t leave that way.

Intensity is his middle name!

Lewis is a true professional, dedicated to delivering results for his clients.


Sharon has more than 30 years’ experience in martial arts and fitness and is a qualified level 3 PT and sports therapist.

She has worked in a corporate environment and understands the stress and pressure it puts on individuals. As a result, she is passionate about helping others change their lifestyle and improving their health & mental well-being.

She takes great satisfaction in helping others achieve their ambitions and loves nothing more than seeing the sheer enjoyment and buzz her clients feel after being put through their paces during a hard session!

Her client base includes children, mums, professionals, celebrities and high profile figures. In addition to improving fitness and muscle tone, Sharon also focuses on motivating her clients and helping them to de-stress and live a healthier, happier lifestyle.

“Believe and you will achieve success. Life is about having fun and enjoying the moment”


Neil has been involved in fitness and martial arts for over 20yrs. He is a massive fan of the human body and how amazing it is. He has trained champions, and has been trained by them.

He has won things and lost things, had amazing training sessions, and terrible ones, good times and bad.

The one constant through all of these is how amazing it feels when knowledge is passed and a light is switched on in someone.

Neil is known for his unusual taste in music and sense of humour, but coaching is an undertaking that he takes seriously.

Sharing knowledge and ensuring that his clients are achieving positive results are top priorities for Neil. No matter how big or how small the steps, he is always on hand to help people move forward on the journey to becoming better versions of themselves.


Steph has been involved in sports and fitness her entire life. Don’t let her looks deceive you, she may look young but Steph has just over 15 years of martial arts training behind her!

As a female training in a male-dominated place, she has been determined to show what girls are capable of and give the boys as good as they get!

Steph has a general love for all fitness-related activities, believing that in some form or another, sport and exercise can have a positive impact on a person’s life.

Steph is a qualified Level 3 personal trainer and is currently lecturing Level 3 BTEC in sports science and education. Her main motivations are to be an inspiration to others and to help people realise what they are capable of.

For Steph, there is no greater pride or pleasure than helping someone else achieve, no matter how small or great the achievement is.


Kristian is a beast in the gym whose passions include an unlikely combination of badminton and bodybuilding!

Kristian lives and breathes fitness. He has worked in the industry for six years following a successful youth career as a national badminton player, and has competed in bodybuilding physique competitions, winning the North West title and placing amongst the top five in the British finals.

Belying a physique worthy of a place on the cover of Men’s Health, Kristian is modest guy, dedicated to helping others.

“My main goal is to be the best and strongest possible version of myself, physically and mentally. I strive to forever improve and to be able to pass on my energy and motivation to all those I get to work and train with.”


Tom is Level 3 personal trainer who has dedicated the last four years to expanding his knowledge through ongoing research and coaching.

In doing so, he has become a qualified strength and conditioning coach as well as a consultant on nutrition for health.

He also counts rehabilitation and body composition enhancement amongst his areas of expertise.

Tom aims is to deliver bespoke training programmes that challenge his clients’ abilities and encourage them improve their performance and achieve their goals.

He has a competitive sporting and martial arts background which fuels his passion for fitness!
Tom’s philosophy is based around movement, strength and performance.

He believes everyone should aim to move more and create an efficient, functional, lean and strong body.