Personal Training

Be Your Biggest Competitor

  • Initial consultation
  • Tailored programs
  • Nutrition guidance
  • Daily results
  • Program reviews

Every Olympian or professional athlete has a team, supporting and guiding them to reach their goals. The coaches at Signature Fit club want to be your team

SFC offers one-on-one training with a difference. We understand that for every client, personal training means commitment and investment, and for our coaches it is no different. To help you get the most out of your SFC experience, we assign you not just one coach, but an entire team who is dedicated to helping you achieve results.

Each of our coaches specialises in a different area of fitness and well-being, but they all have two things in common: relentless passion and the ability to help you reach your target.

As you strive to reach those goals, we track and measure your progress every step of the way, offering regular reviews, reports and even video recordings for those with an affinity for the camera!

Just as importantly, at SFC, the personal experience doesn’t end when you leave the building. In addition to structuring your workouts inside the studio, our expert coaching team offers nutrition and lifestyle guidance to follow outside too.

There is no hiding the fact: the road to health and fitness requires hard work, determination and commitment. However, we believe that when training is fun and when it delivers fast results, the only way is up!

Your Signature Fit Club team offers expertise in: one-on-one coaching, strength conditioning, combat, martial arts, mobility, nutrition, HIIT and sports therapy.